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Primary Healthcare

Promotion of health care needs of poor rural communities of Georgia

Primary Healthcare Service for Impoverished Communities: In 2000, GENESIS had set-up and operated community-based rural primary healthcare centres/clinics providing comprehensive primary healthcare services and Health Promotion support to 15,000 people in 12 villages of the disadvantaged Khelvachauri (Adjara Autonomous Republic) and Lagodekhi (Khaketi region) districts, as well as the above-mentioned Didube district of Tbilisi.

The GENESIS Charity Clinic
The GENESIS Association ran a Medical Clinic (2000-2011) in the Didube district of Tbilisi was providing doctors consultations, full range of out-patient surgery and gynecology, as well as diagnostic and minor emergency services to its charity target group street children and orphans (around 1,000 children) and all social groups of the district. The clinic was supported by grants, individual donations and fee-for-service payments from its non-charitable patients and is intended to become financially self-supporting in order to be able to provide medical care to the target charity groups of GENESIS on an ongoing basis.

33 types of Health Education booklets had been prepared for community Health seminars attended by approximately 7,000 people

Besides providing medical care, the service included advocacy and lobbying activities bringing the needs and expectations of the poor to the attention of local and central government bodies. These activities facilitated increased transparency of governmental structures, and improved two-way information flows between government and NGOs

Medical Library
GENESIS has a modern medical library, which is regularly upgraded with up-to-date textbooks and medical publications and has access to on-line medical information.

Health Education Trainings for children
GENESIS carried out healthcare seminars aiming at early identification and timely prevention of deferent commonly met communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Periodic Health Education on-site seminars were carried out at the shelters, orphanages, ordinary schools or at GENESIS office and covered the following health topics:

  • First Medical Aid;
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Birth Control;
  • Alcohol and Drug addiction;
  • Skin Diseases and necessary preventive hygiene;
  • Physical Exercises for children with Abnormalities of Skeleton;
  • How to avoid water-born diseases and Diarrhoea;
  • Acute viral infections of upper respiratory tract - prevention and primary management.
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