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Mission and long-term objectives

The purpose of the GENESIS Association is to improve the provision of quality healthcare services to the poor and the most vulnerable population groups of Georgia.

GENESIS pursues its mission through:

  1. Promoting and setting-up pilot non-governmental, non-profit, community need-based healthcare service and social security projects which will have the goal of becoming self-sustaining.

  2. Set-up and continuing provision of healthcare support to the charity focus groups of GENESIS: street children, orphans, children and the disabled from impoverished families.

  3. Advocacy and lobbying for the development of a legislative framework enabling the development of cost-effective and sustainable not-for-profit healthcare systems suited to the Georgian environment and affordable for its impoverished groups.

  4. Contributing to the development of cost-effective insurance-based healthcare and social security systems capable of covering the needs of all social classes.

  5. Promoting health awareness among the most vulnerable population groups through primary healthcare education programmes and publications;

  6. Continuously improving the skills of physicians and healthcare specialists through needs-based training programmes and increasing access to up-to-date medical literature.
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