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Previous Projects and Activities


Projects organised and monitored by GENESIS and its founding members:

Securing access to basic vocational skills development and consequent employment for currently institutionalised adolescents and for after-care youth in Georgia
01.02.2013 - continuing (financed by the Stichting JURA /Barend van der Vorm) Read more

Improving the Economic Independence and Social Inclusion of formerly institutionalised Adolescents and Youth in Georgia
01.10.2012 - continuing (financed by Johanniter) Read more

Rehabilitation Project. The Rehabilitation Centres was established with Ortabatumi PHC centre by the funding of the Japanese Government.

Home-care Project. The GENESIS Association as a partner of the Home-care coalition of NGOs in Georgia acsomplishes the Home-care project in the Ortabatumi district of Adjara. Read More

Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacity Building for Rural Communities of Georgia
05.2009 - 04.2012 (financed by Johanniter) read more

Primary Healthcare Center in Tbilisi. From 2000 till November of 2011 The GENESIS Association ran a Charity Primary Healthcare Centre in Didube district of Tbilisi. Read more

Development of Homecare and Social support for immobile members of Ortabatumi community
10.2011-05.2012 (financed by Bread for the World) read more

Development of Homecare and Social support for immobile members of Ortabatumi community
07.2009-12.2010 (financed by Diakonisches Werk and Cordaid)

Promotion of health care needs of poor rural communities of Georgia
10.2008-10.2010 (financed by NOVIB)read more

Health and Social Rehabilitation Programme for children from orphanages and shelters of East and South Georgia
01.1996 - 2010 (financed by Lions Club; Diakonisches Werk; Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation) read more

Emergency Responce Programs. The Emergency Humanitarian Assistance of the GENESIS Association to IDPs - the Victims of Georgia-Russia Conflict
August-December 2008 read more

Primary Healthcare and Social Support to the Poor Communities of Georgia
10.2005-10.2008 (financed by NOVIB)

Strengthening Out-patient Primary Healthcare Services in Ortabatumi
06.2006-03.2008 (financed by Cordaid)

Development of Homecare and Social support for immobile members of Ortabatumi community
07.2009-12.2010 (financed by Cordaid)

Promotion of Primary Healthcare Services - Meeting the Needs of Impoverished Communities of Georgia - PHC model centres optimization and promotion for their consideration in PHC National Policy drafting,
10.2003-09.2005 (financed by NOVIB)

Education on Children’s Rights - With the help of Ms. Lia Mukhashavria GENESIS organised children’s rights dialogues/seminars for 548 children from 8 childcare institutions;
2005(pro bonus)

Primary Prevention project - GENESIS organises Preventive Diagnostic Screening Investigations on existence of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, and Tuberculosis infections among the most vulnerable orphans and street children (640 children);

Community Health Promotion Programme for Impoverished Population of Georgia - PHC centres set-up, PHC micro model development,
07.2000-09.2003 (financed by NOVIB)

Distribution of winter boots and clothes to orphanages and shelters of Georgia (for 900 children),
03.2002-03.2003 (in-kind donation of Lions Clubs and Speiz and Swiss-Baltic Relief Committee)

LIONS Club Humanitarian Assistance Project,
2002 (in-kind donation of vehicles and clothing from LIONS Clubs of Basel and Spiez)

Emergency Medial Services Trainings for doctors from different in-patient and out-patient hospitals of Georgia,
06.1999-03.2001 (financed by Diakonisches Werk)

Project "Doctors on Wheels " - mobile medical services to orphanages of East Georgia,
05.1997-12.1998 (financed by Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation)

Supply of Medical Plaster (gypsum) for orthopedic services of Georgia – including all outpatient and in-patient hospitals and departments of Georgia,
01.1996-12.1999 (In-kind donation of 150 tonnes of gypsum from Diakonisches Werk)

Supply, distribution and immunisation of children of Tbilisi, Batumi and of Samegrelo region with Vaccines and Antitoxins during outbreak of Diphtheria in Georgia, 1995 (in-kind donation of Diakonishes Werk, Germany - coordinated by GENESIS, with participation of MSF Holland and UNICEF)

Follow-up monitoring on three years dietary food supply for children suffering from Phenylketonuria, 1993-1995.

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